SO JUICY HILO Cafe x Culture

A healthier YOU = A healthier WĒ.  SO JUICY HILO is committed to providing our community with phenomenal nutrient dense cold pressed juice, delicious whole foods daily, available for dine in, take out or via our meal prep program.  Our mission is simple; ʻono, convenient and affordable juice and food to the masses, from a Hawaiian perspective. 

So Juicy HILO is a sustainable conscious, aloha ʻāina practicing, Hawaiian owned business that has accepted the kuleana of ʻai pono, healthy eating and providing products and services that can re-educate our lāhui to take a good look at the food and drinks we consume.  health is wealth, an investment and not an expense.  We are building our own ʻohana of mahiʻai on Hawaiian homesteads, sourcing as much local organic ingredients as possible, supporting every individual that is ready to SHIFT \m/

No Ke Aha (Why?)

after losing so many loved ones to heart disease, diabetes, cancers and many different illnesses that may be prevented or minimized,  as well as our own personal battle with auto immune and thyroid issues, WĒ took a good look at WHY we were so sick, which in turn created our WHY SO JUICY HILO needed to be born.  We are very passionate about our WHY and you can taste it with every bottle of juice and every last bite of your meal.

Join the JUICE YOUR ROOTS movement with SO JUICY HILO!